Marriage is one of the most exciting events in one’s life. It’s a great reason to bring together two families and join them into one by joining two people they hold dear. Marriage is most exciting for the couple taking the leap and making vows to uphold and care for one another till the end of their days. Many perceive marriage as a union of two people with shared goals and perceptions of their future lives together. However, people are complicated, and therefore relationships between people are complicated as well. The idea of marriage is so permeated in society that many feel it’s just something they must do as if it would be abnormal not to.

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Sadly, this leads many to not be forthcoming about why they enter a marriage. Their inadequate reasons will likely later catch up to them, taking a high psychological toll. To safeguard one’s mental and emotional health, some self-reflection and introspection are necessary to figure out if you are entering a marriage for the right reasons. 

The following is a comparative list of the right, as well as the questionable reasons why you should make the choice to get married. 

Right Reasons

  • You desire to spend your life with your partner.
  • Both you and your partner genuinely love one another. 
  • You have worked well on your education, career,and finances and are ready to commit to your marriage and family-to-be. 
  • A desire for a lifetime companionship.
  • You want to experience a deep-rooted connection with the person you love and grow together emotionally.
  • You share expectations and goals out of your life together.
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  • There is a mutual willingness to enrich each other’s lives, fulfilling your partner’s needs and dreams.
  • Significant time together has been spent or both partners know without a shadow of a doubt the other is the person they want to be with.
  • You have no issue attending premarital counseling to be certain that marriage is the correct choice for you and your partner.

Reasons For Marriage That Should Cause You To Seek Guidance.

  • You feel it is the only way for you to be happy. You feel unhappy or unsatisfied with yourself and life at the moment.
  • To stop feeling lonesome as you have no friends or a social circle. 
  • To get away from your parents/family. 
  • Out of guilt because you know the other person genuinely loves you.
  • Due to a pregnancy.
  • Due to wanting a baby.
  • Seeking financial stability. 
  • To help, save, or rescue another person.

  • Inferiority complex: Fear that if you do not marry a certain person who is willing to marry you, no one else will want to.
  • Be clear. Are you getting married for the sake of having a big, lavish wedding you have always dreamed of? People regularly confuse the two.
  • You need someone to “complete” you.
  • You feel that you are running short on time of getting married, either due to feeling older or for biological clock reasons.
  • Everyone you know is getting married. As friends, relatives, cousins, and colleagues get married, you think that is the next step for you too. 
  • You are sick of being single.
  • All the people you know seem to be getting married or are married already.
  • To become a naturalized citizen (immigration purposes).
  • Being pressured into marriage by your partner, parent’s, his/her family, friends, or your family.
  • You fear that people are gossiping about you and your live-in partner.


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