PRESHADII BELIEVES that happy couples make great marriages and build great communities.

Everyone can have a great marriage provided they have made some prior reading about it. They have made well-thought decisions. Everybody marries for a reason. That is happiness. And happiness too has to be worked for. Relationship fulfillment and emotional well being is pivotal to raising happy, stable children and giving them the resources that make them empowered to help themselves, their communities and their nation at large.

Earlier, in India, there were the village elders, the extended family, the uncles and aunt, the familial neighborhood and more.  These were a reservoir of knowledge that imparted a wealth of counseling and support during hard times. Now, you have Preshadii.

This website has articles that are an easy resource for one to decide on their marriages and not to drift into it aimlessly. The key values that drives Preshadii are : 

Marital Success
Marital growth driven education
Realistic goal setting
Having Practical expectations
Motivation for better marital outcomes.
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