Should a bride and the groom consult an astrologer to know about the success of the match? 

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Marriage is one of the biggest decisions of your life. It’s success and happiness depend on a number of factors. But the hand of luck can never be denied in our marriage and life as a whole. Some people do and others do not believe in this ancient science. That’s a personal choice. But there are successful marriages on both sides of these schools of thinking. There are also people who consult an astrologer, take his verdict, and then take their own stand anyway. 

For those who do believe or want to leave no stone unturned before making that big decision, here are some suggestions that could be of help.

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Look into these before consulting an astrologer.
An important criterion is the competence of the astrologer. Consult an astrologer of repute. Someone whom your family or some other family, close to you has time-tested. An astrologer known to them for a decade or at least a few years.
Consult at least 2-3 astrologers for better clarity.
Online astrologers whom you don’t know at all, is a gamble left to you.
Have your birth details right as that is the basis on which a birth chart is compiled and readings done.
Have Gun-Milan done to see point assessments?

The gunas are analyzed as follows:

Less than 18 gunas match – Marriage may have compatibility issues. Not recommended.

18 to 24 gunas match – Average match. Go ahead.

25 to 32 gunas match – Good. Marriage is very likely to succeed and thrive.

32 gunas to 36 gunas match – Likelihood of a Highly successful marriage.

Note : There can be slight variations based on schools of astrology.

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Check 7th house of both horoscopes. Atleast one of the two horoscopes must have a benefic planet sitting in this house of partnership.

Look into the overall future prospects of the spouse to be. Growth prospects, career, health, homeownership, etc.

The Navamsha chart is considered an important reference chart while matching horoscopes. Navamsha is considered the chart depiciting the spouse.

After looking into all these, one can think of going ahead and making a decision. How much to base a decision on astrology and the astrologer depends on one’s own perspective.

(Note: This article is to help you make a better and informed decision. Consult an expert on this subject for a better understanding of the topic.)


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