With your wedding just a few months away you don’t just have the 3 or 4 formal outfits required for your wedding on your mind, but you are also considering how you want to present yourself as a married woman. Here are some tips brides on a budget can turn to for planning their wardrobe.

Take Inventory

First up, take a full inventory of your current wardrobe and determine what items can rollover into your new life as a couple. Be sure to try items on that you haven’t worn in a while to make sure they are still comfortable and fit well. Don’t forget to inventory your shoes, handbags, and accessories.

Traditional Clothing

Next, you want to talk with your fiancé to determine what type of traditional and formal attire you will both require in the next year. This should include outfits for Diwali, Holi, puja, upcoming parties, and weddings. You want to start here as this is likely where you will invest the largest portion of your budget. Your list should include:

  • Kurtas
  • Patiala salwars
  • Salwar kameez suits
  • Traditional sarees
  • Anarkali suits
  • Semi-formal saris, sari blouses, dupattas, long skirts, and palazzo pants
  • Formal shoes, jewelry, and accessories

Work And Daily Fashion

When it comes to your day-to-day fashions, the best way to stay on your budget is to create a capsule wardrobe. The goal is to invest in neutral, figure flattering, and timeless (not trendy) slacks, blazers, skirts, and dresses. Then you can add color, texture, and even a few trends in your blouses, scarves, and accessories. Your goal is to mix and match what you have in an endless variety of ways. Finally, minimize wasteful spending by knowing what brands, cuts and colors look best on you—and never purchase anything just because the price is right. Only invest in what you love and know you will wear.

Gym And Casual Wear

Even if must be suited up for work, you will still be able to mix and match many of your tops—and your accessories into your more casual after-hours look. Invest in a few more casual jeans, jeans, and maybe a dress or two. When it comes to lounging around the house, dedicate an outfit or two to pure comfort. Purchase just enough fitness attire for the number of days you head to the gym each week. If you go 3 days, you need 3 pants, 3 sports bras, and 3 tank tops or t-shirts.

Maximizing Your Accessories

Accessories are what make your outfits you. When it comes to your handbag and shoes, most should be neutral and not too trendy—so that you can wear them as long as possible. When it comes to jewelry have some fun. Invest in a mix of trendy and classic items that you can mix and match to make your neutral clothing stand out.

Knowing When And Where To Shop Is Key

There is a time and place for stores like H&M where you can find trends and wardrobe staples for less, but since the quality isn’t always there—you need to plan when you will spend on items that will last a bit longer. Knowing when your favorite department stores and designers hold their annual sales is key, as it empowers you to shop for what you need without compromise. Pay particular attention to holiday sales, end of season sales, and keep your eye out for sales on sites like VintageDesi.com and KalkiFashion.com. When you find something you love in-store, don’t hesitate to comparison shop with these shopping apps to see if you can find what you want for less somewhere else.

Be sure to discuss the shopping budget and wardrobe goals for your fiancé too so that you can help him look his best too!


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