Trigger those happinessĀ harmones

While you may be anxious for your big day, the truth is that you need to realize that your marriage is just starting. Marriage involves work and effort. However, when you love your spouse, with the right time management tips, you will be able to sort everything out.

The first year of marriage is incredibly important for your future happiness. This is why you need to start thinking about how you will do things as soon as you get married.

In order to help you with this transition process, here are a few tips for happiness that you should consider:

#1: Romance Should Always Be Present:

While it may be tempting to simply sit around at home in your sweatpants, remember how it’s fun to dress up for dinner. In addition, your phone should always be off.

#2: Balance The Housework:

While in the old days, most women were housekeepers and used to do all housework, this may not be your case. In most occasions, both wife and husband work out of the house. While it is normal to hire a housekeeper, there may be occasions where you need to do something around the home. The couple should then talk and decide who is responsible for each task. 

#3: Turn Your House Into Your Home:

Your house will only be a home for both of you if you are comfortable sharing the same place and spending time together.

#4: Don’t Forget Adventures:

While you may feel excited during the following weeks and months after your wedding, it is important that you don’t lose that spirit. This is why it is so important to have adventures with your spouse. Just think about different things you can do together both at home and outside.

#5: Talk About Finances:

Money is usually one of the big issues in a marriage. So, the sooner you talk about this the better. Communication is key to a successful marriage.

#6: Go Easy On Yourselves:

Remember that marriage is a marathon, not a spring. This is a transition period for both of you. So, you should go easy on yourselves. You won’t learn how to be a spouse in one day. This is a journey.

#7: Take Care Of Yourself:

While you will be married, this doesn’t mea that you shouldn’t look out for yourself. Taking some time off to reset is also important.

#8: Don’t Carry The World On Your Shoulders:

When you are married you will discover that you don’t need to carry the world on your shoulders, you can split the weight with your spouse.

#9: Set A Budget:

Finances are always important. And when you get married, it’s important that the couple is in total sync. So, one of the things that you should do right from the start is to define a monthly budget with your spouse. This way, you will both have a good idea about how much you can spend on dining out and entertainment, besides the basic expenses.

#10: Plan Your Date Nights Ahead:

While having a spontaneous date is always fun, when you have a busy life it may be a bit trickier. So, to ensure that you are both available, planning your date nights in advance is something that you should consider.

#11: Learn To Say No:

While at work you may be seen as someone who can always make extra time for everything, as soon as you get married you need to understand that you are also a spouse. And as a spouse, your time will be more limited. So, you will need to learn to say no at work or even to say no at your friends occasionally.

#12: Define New Routines:

Routines will obviously need to change when you get married. So, take the time to discuss with your spouse the best way to keep both organized.

#13: Communicate Throughout The Day:

Getting a call or just a text message from your spouse in the middle of the day is great. It will help you feel connected. Besides, when you both get home, it is also important that the communication continues. Asking about your spouse’s day is important.

#14: Share Your Schedule With Your Spouse:

If you don’t have the same schedule every day, it’s important that your spouse knows what he can count on.

#15: Work As A Team:

A marriage is a marriage and it needs to be lived as a team, each day. No matter if you are talking about family time, work or hanging out, your priority should always be your spouse. 


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