Even after you’ve made up your mind about getting children there are things you owe to
yourself and your marriage before you do.

Have Fun
People think that bucket lists are overrated but I don’t agree. Create your own bucket list and
use it to do the things you’ve always wanted to do when you are young. If you are already
married, create one for both of you and do them together. Once the baby comes, you won’t
know what hit you. It may take a long time before you get any kind of freedom to do what you

Help friends that have children
If you know someone with kids, you can both volunteer to babysit for as long as you like. Do it
as much as possible in preparation for parenthood. While it is far from real parenting, it is a
mirror into what it takes to be a parent. See if they entrust with their kids and find out why. Try especially an
infant that needs a lot of care and attention and see how that works for both of you. It could go
a long way in teaching you what kind of parents you’ll be to your future child.

Extended stay at parent’s home

New mothers find it easier when they can stay with their parents for extended periods of time, when the child is little. Alternately, if work commitments seem difficult you can also request your parents or mother to relocate to your house for a certain duration of time. In-laws too can help here.

Start creating a support system
It is important to have a strong support system when you have children. It could be your
parents, friends, in-laws or nannies who help during your day to day activities of taking care of your children. It is
going to be easier to raise a child if you have friends and family to support you.

Create a financial plan
If everyone waited until they were completely financially stable to get children the world’s
population would probably be significantly smaller. You don’t need to be rich. A child needs
parents who are loving, able and supportive. Therefore it is important to have a financial plan
prior to childbirth just so that you can be ready financially.

Families are spiritual units.

Assess your lifestyle
A lot of couples get children before they had planned to. Sometimes it just happens. It is
important to know your health status and history so that you are prepared for what’s to
come. According to a study, “The parents-to-be also need to re-assess their lifestyles for having a healthy baby. Smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, and high-stress levels can all adversely affect your ability to
conceive and can compromise the health of a growing fetus.”

Signs that you’re both ready to be parents

  1. You’re both eager to be parents. – Sometimes, your spouse may not be ready to have
    children like you are. It is important to reach a common ground.
  2. You want kids for the “right” reasons- Pressure from family and friends can cause us to start
    a family when we are not ready. Take your time and make sure you are doing it for yourselves;
    because you are ready.
  3. You’re past the fights- It’s normal to have disagreements but as you progress in your
    relationship; you learn to handle things differently; maturely. It would be a shame if your child
    grows up in an environment where it’s constant arguing and throwing of hands in the air.
    Work towards improving communication before adding children into the equation.
  4. You’ve discussed child care- This entails figuring out how to take care of your newborn
    before the pressure of giving birth presents itself.
  5. You’re ready for an additional member- Getting a child means you can’t be selfish.
    Everything you do from this point on will most likely be influenced by your child. This means
    you have to put your child’s needs before your own. You need to be sure that you’re ready


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