Paying attention to your spouse entails you cut down on social media hours. The effort may be worth it. Read on.

I have known a friend’s wife who used to say that her husband’s first love was his computer and that idea has stuck with me for almost 20 years because when someone is overcommitted to something then that thing, in fact, becomes their first love because it is in a way taking over their whole life and consumes all of their time and energy. Many people are like that when it comes to social media and they have dozens of connections on their social media profiles and interacting with all of those people can literally become an all-day endeavor. The problem is when your partner is constantly engaging with people of both sexes and social media then this can quickly turn in to a situation where uncertainty about where the partner stands in relation to the marriage or relationship is growing.

Extensive use of social media

The problem becomes even worse when the person continues to chat with people on social media even while the two of you are together especially at night when you are supposed to have quality time with each other. This can really become a thorn in the flesh for the partner who is the victim in this situation. They see their spouse they are very much in love who are basically ignoring them and showing through their actions that they consider their relationship with their social media friends more important.

Social media and the ex-partner

The reality is that when people are keeping in touch with previous partners on social media then this can send out strong signals to their current partner that may be where they see smoke ascending there must be a fire burning. I know about specific relationships where things such as this have caused a very big problem and the problem was eventually solved by creating a single Facebook account for both of them which was making it clear to everyone engaging them on Facebook that they are together in a relationship.

Snooping on the ex

There are many people who are claiming to be in a strong and loving relationship and yet they just do not seem to be able to resist the temptation to constantly check up on a previous partner and it does not matter how innocent these actions may be when they continue over a long time they can create strong suspicions in the other partner and this can lead to a lot of fighting and unhappiness in such a relationship.

Being mentally away can have serious repercussion on your marriage.


We live in a world which is full of temptations and especially as far as the Internet and social media are concerned, there are thousands off opportunities that have become accessible to people and many people succumb to those temptations and they begin to interact with other people through those applications. This can result in a situation where they are constantly thinking about those forbidden experiences and this can place a heavy burden on in your relationship.

Positive uses of social media

There are many people who may not be able to interact with others very well in real while they become shining stars on social. Then there are also people who feel that their many friends and family on social media is providing them with much-needed support which can really help them to deal with the problems they have to deal with in their personal lives. It can also be a case where severe marital problems are experienced and the wronged partner urgently need to have objective support and advice. Many teenagers who have been interviewed are now saying that although they can sometimes be inundated by information and experiences and emotions on social media, they also feel that this is often their primary support structure which can help them to cope with a whole range of complicated problems.

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Infidelity is easier on social media

There is a large number of people who would have never cheated on their partners in real life simply because they never had a viable opportunity to interact successfully with someone of the other six. However, on social media, it is so much easier because it starts with innocent chatting and you only hear the good things about the other person and the relationship is quickly well-established because of the many positive experiences on social media. However, there were no real-life interactions where the person had a chance to observe that person firsthand and to discover any flaws which the person might have in their personality. Strong feelings are then established between the two and a real-life relationship is soon flourishing.

Recent research findings

A study which has been conducted in 2014 clearly indicated that as social media usage increase so the marriage starts to decline. In fact, in a large number of the cases which has been investigated the use of social media was a very large contributor to the fact that marriages got into trouble and that partners were starting to think about divorce. A more intensive study continued to substantiate earlier findings even after many other factors were taken into consideration such as demographics, the economy and psychological variables which are known to often have an impact on the well-being of the marriage. The undeniable conclusion is that social media is playing a much larger role in the modern marriage than was previously acknowledged.

Facebook and divorce proceedings

It often happens during divorce proceedings that Facebook interactions by one or more partners are continually mentioned as one of the reasons for things going wrong. We have friends who are in a bumpy marriage relationship and three months ago a lady requiring treatment at a local hospital came to stay with them while she was receiving treatment. Now the wife is talking about divorce because to her it looks as though the husband and the other woman are constantly in each other’s presence and they always have something to say to each other. Any time when a 3rd party enters into the equation there is always a very strong possibility that one or more partners will become suspicious especially when that situation is not properly managed.


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